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Call Us Today!
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Massage Services

Soleil Massage Therapy

Chair Massage:

Introduce yourself to massage therapy with this 15, 20 OR 30 minutes of relaxation that will work on minor aches and pains.

15 MINUTES  $20.00

20 MINUTES  $25.00

30 MINUTES  $30.00

Swedish Massage:

Relax with a full body massage of light to medium pressure. This massage relieves muscle tension, and stimulates circulation while improving muscle tone and leaving you feeling mentally and physically relaxed.          

30 MINUTES    $35.00

60 MINUTES $60.00

90 MINUTES $90.00


Deep Tissue Massage:

Indulge yourself with this therapeutic massage using firm pressure and trigger point therapy. It will help you alleviate pains, muscle spasms, stress, inflammation, and tissue damage. This massage is wonderful for anyone with soft tissue problems that can cause certain discomforts and pains.

30 MINUTES  $35.00

60 MINUTES    $60.00

90 MINUTES $90.00


Hot Stone Massage:

A penetrating massage that uses smooth oiled and warmed stones to leave you feeling less tension in your muscles and sore joints. In combination with our Swedish Massage technique, this will be an unforgettable experience.

30 MINUTES $45.00
60 MINUTES $75.00
70 MINUTES $85.00
90 MINUTES $110.00